Panox Imaging Product Detail


Portable color doppler ultrasound system


  • The Pixel Echo Zone

    presents images at a high frame rate through wide-band information processing, ensuring consistent focus is maintained.

  • The Tailored Filter

    Extracts relevant information and effectively filters out noise, resulting in high image contrast.

  • Strain Elastography

    Distinguishes the stiffness levels of tissues in real time to detect potential abnormalities.

  • CHI QA

    Visualizes the blood perfusion status of organs with enhanced contrast, offering dual-mode comparison and time-intensity curves that deliver objective results for tumor diagnosis

  • Micro Flow

    Sensitively detects micro blood flow signals to precisely reflect the blood flow perfusion status in organs.

  • Auto SG

    Empowers objective evaluation of LV systolic function and myocardial deformation through quantitative results in a bull’s-eye plot.

  • Craniocerebral Ultrasound Tomography (Infant)

    Significantly simplifies the examination by automatically identifying and displaying the 12 standard craniocerebral

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