Pioneers in Cutting-Edge Imaging Solutions

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Panox Imaging Medical Imaging Solutions.

With the help of modern equipment and huge clinical experience , our orthopedic surgeons and traumatologists can offer surgical treatment for most bone, joint and muscle injuries.

Compact and Classic

COLAX Floor mounted digital x ray dual column design and compact structure allow to install the modality without the need to alter the installation room structures.

Four-Way Table Movement

COLAX Floor mounted digital x ray equipped with 4 ways ­floating table with Wide range of movement, ensuring optimal patient positioning and accurate image acquisition.

State-of-the Art

Imaging Technology

Our advanced medical imaging systems are designed to deliver exceptional image quality, diagnostic accuracy, and workflow efficiency. From digital X-ray systems to computed tomography (CT) scanners

Range of
AI Technology Products

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Industry Solutions

The Innovations You Need to Succeed

Innovative medical technologies and devices have revolutionized healthcare by enhancing diagnostic accuracy, improving patient outcomes, and increasing efficiency.

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Apr 17-19, 2024