Panox Imaging Product Detail


Panox Imaging top-tier color ultrasound, the PANOSOFT50 Genius, leaps over the traditional platform into the intelligent platform Real View. Its remarkable performance in the diagnosis of various diseases such as malignancies, chronic disorders, etc. is enabled by advanced clinical solutions.


    – Cutting edge technology arouses inspiration for imaging Technology in 2D imaging and blood flow sensitivity process ing. This breakthrough in front-end image processing enables Real View to deliver refined images with more detailed informa tion.

    – Tuned Gain Ensures the uniformity of echo in the near and far field more accurately and effectively. The Tuned Gain technology improves image resolution by 40%, which is particularly beneficial for diagnosing difficult patients.

    – Tailored Filter Automatically identify various types of speckle noise and apply customized filtration. This effectively increases the (S/N ratio) by 35%, resulting in a more distinct image.

    – Talented Encode Improves the frequency accuracy and band- width of the received echo, enhancing image penetration and resolution, allowing for more efficient and accurate display of imaging information from lesions at different depths.

    – Tactile Flow Effectively detects tumors and small lesions, the system improves diagnostic effectiveness in this regard.

    – Targeted Beam Improves spatial resolution and reduces shadows under different tissues simultaneously. This feature plays an important role in pathological studies and clinical diagnosis in cardiology, and OB/GYN (obstetrics and gynecology).

    – Crystal purity transducer Enables superb scanning for cardiac diseases such as congenital heart disease (CHD). The use of single crystal materials and professional technology allows for excellent 2D images with upgraded image penetration and enhanced blood flow resolution.

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