Panox Imaging Product Detail


“Rehabilitation and more possibilities”

PANOSOFT40 is a professional solution for general imaging demand with its auto OB feature PANOSOFT40 Can perform measurements automatically to reduce doctor’s workload, calculating and presenting automatically major fetal biometry (HC, BPD, OFD, ETC) instantly with less keystrokes.

PANOSOFT40 IS Equipped with Auto follicle feature locating the dominate follicle by tracing the follicle outline size to determines follicle growth for infertility treatment. Signals in both low and high frequency are simultaneously analyzed and extracted for effective fusion and thus to achieve satisfactory combination of high imaging penetration and resolution.

  • Tailored Filter

    Filter signals across the overall frequency band at different depths. It strengthens valid signals suppressing invalid signals, resulting in an improved signal-to-noise ratio and better image contrast.

  • Pixel Echo Zone (PEZ)

    Within the wide-band imaging processing, the system automatically gathers echo information over a larger processing zone to enhance acquisition efficiency and computing speed.

  • Target Focus

    This upgraded technology provides automatic compensation I signal transmission improving focus accuracy and uniformity in entire image.

  • Echo Tune

    Self-tune the energy emission and reception leading to enhanced image uniformity without compromising the resolution of the focus area.

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